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Penultimate Swan Song...

Swan Song?  Maybe that should be Parrot Song...

Things haven't been the same since my darling Rickeybird razed the original Gailtown.
Gail Street (Gailtown Redux) was fun, but... I have been growing disenchanted with the laboriousness and repetitiveness of rebuilding, and the whole thing has just kinda stymied me.
I am liquidating the place, and this blog.  It's not as apocalyptic or unprecedented as it sounds.  I rarely keep any of my paintings, sculptures, or any artworks.  If I can't sell them, I give them away or toss them.  I will be giving the Gail Street structures to various of you: some of you know; some of you are in for a surprise.
I will keep my Galeria Gila art gallery,  and I think that's all.

I'll make one more post showing my gloriously Spartanized dining room table.

Life is a beautiful scramble.  Thank you, my friends.  I'll continue to follow your miniatures blogs, that I promise.

Purge, Part Two

A *Purge" of final posts (already prepared) before a final decision was made...

So you're not interested in designing your own?  Maybe you would just like to buy a thought-centering dreamcatcher, big or miniature?
You could buy a finished dreamcatcher, OR you could explore a kit.  Either could be aimed at a spiritually-oriented display such as...
*hanging on your car rearview mirror
*attaching to the zipper-pull on something
*suspending from a household mirror
*using as a hair ornament
*decorating a holiday tree
There are many, many, MANY dreamcatchers (big and miniature) on eBay... modestly priced, eclectically themed, variously sized...
Search (on eBay or Google)...
*dreamcatcher kit
*dollhouse dreamcatcher
*dreamcatcher vintage
See what 'speaks' to you!  Any of these options or uses could serve as a meditation aid.

Dreamcatchers are everywhere.  Many are done with respect and reverence, with a goal of spiritual exploration.  Many, however, are made and utilized as idle elements of decor or amusement.
This site is a very thoughtful look at the origins and meanings, and other important coniderations.
Annnnnnnnd... that concludes the dreamcatcher journey, for now.  I wish you some mindful dreamcatching moments.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

5/5 - Mindfulness and Dreamcatchers, Part 2 of 5 (Gift Shop)

There's a little display of dreamcatchers for sale in the Roadrunner Gift Shop on dear ol' Gail Street.  I just drew and colored 'em in my Paint App, cut 'em out, glued 'em to the wall.

Outside the original Native American settings, dreamcatchers have been popular gift/novelty items in the Southwest for decades.  In the 1980s, I recall that they found their way into "mainstream"  American culture and commerce.  I have a friend who tells me that he has recently seen them for sale in a London (UK)  gift shop, with little legend cards attached which explain that these are "traditional American Wild West" decor.  Gah.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

5/1 - Mindfulness and Dreamcatchers, Part 1 of 5

If a quick definition is helpful for new readers...
Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's thoughts, feelings, and sensations.  Mindfulness is used as a spiritual and/or therapeutic technique, aimed at enhancing peace and general wellbeing.

Speaking of mindfulness, dreamcatchers... and wineries...
          Well, why NOT speak of them?
          This is a winery in New Jersey.  They have the most wonderful activities.  Here's an example.  I'd love to visit them someday.
"This workshop will begin with a guided meditation to encourage participants to release the inner critics that block them from manifesting their true potential.    Native Americans believed long ago in the healing power of intention and manifestation. Research shows that crafting has a lot in common with meditation and can improve problem-solving skills, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall quality of life. It’s important in the midst of our busy lives to take a moment for reflection and relaxation. Dreamcatchers are, in essence, a symbol of acceptance, mindfulness, and healing.  In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to mindfully awaken your creativity to design & weave your very own dreamcatcher."
          For a bit more formal history of the origin and meaning of dreamcatchers, I like this reference.
          In lieu of a trip to New Jersey, here's my tiny dreamcatcher on the porch of Gail Street's Galeria Gila Art Gallery.  The dreamcatcher was just drawn with colored pencils on typing paper, cut out, accented with some tiny fibers and glue dots, and mounted.   I didn't try to think about anything in particular, and there is no deliberate symbolism or theme, although that would be a great added element of a mindfulness exercise here.  I just  focused on the tiny gathering of colors and shapes.  I felt very serene, calm, and... mindful...  as I was making it.  I really did.  :)

          Interested in making your own?  Miniature or full-size?  I like ths site...
          Or you could always just WING THE WHOLE THING.  Gather stuff from around the house... experiment... have fun.   As you work, think on a current issue, or... don't... just work.   See what happens.  Keep, modify, or discard the result... try again, or don't. 
          Be present with the experience, whatever it may be.