Monday, April 15, 2019

Gail St. - 5 - Oil Derrick

The reconstructed and improved oil derrick...

So now we have this front street view.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Back to Step 3?????????? Let's Go!

Back to Step 3... Goals... Re-evaluation.

Re-creating Gailtown?  NOT the goal.  As I said before, recreating is not so much fun as CREATING.

I'm renewing a few of my most cherished structures, but many will remain in the scrapyard (trash bag).
Likely to re-establish on Gail Street ---
Gallery, Chapel, Gift Shop. Gazebo, Bus... and next... Oil Well,  Hot Air Balloon...

Likely to remain in scrapyard ---
Bike Shop
Rock Hall
Bus Stop
Choctaw Chukka
Gailtown Arms
Vehicles  (Truck, Bug, Woodie, Steampunk Flier)
Sky Things  (Saucer, Pegasus, Flying Pig, Angel Pugs)

I'm thinking that maybe Gail Street will focus less on construction, and more on mindfulness issues.  Might be a good thing...

Monday, April 1, 2019

Back to Step 3

As I wrote in Facebook...

The Gazebo is done. Gail Street is up to four buildings now. Rebuilding is a lot faster/easier than creating originals, but... it's just not as much fun.
Thanks for all the support and interest. Gail Street is not going to wind up being another Gailtown, that's for sure.
I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

This puts me back to Step 3 (Goals) in the 'Disaster Recovery'  Plan below.  :)

Gail St. - 4 - Gazebo

Wow, building this second gazebo was a lot faster than building the first!
I was able to salvage some objects, and I had on hand some of the original building materials, plus all the planning and problem-solving was already in my head.

Here it is.

As always, just email for more details or photos.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Gail St. 3 - Roadrunner Gift Shop

I re-wrote my Profile to embrace the new order.

The Roadrunner Gift Shop was the last of the "easy" repairs (after the Gallery, Chapel and Bus).  I will take on the Gazebo next, and that will practically be a total reconstruction.
If only FEMA had an outreach for miniatures...