Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Father D.'s Chapel - 27 - Assembly!

All the major components (walls, windows, floor, porch, roof/ceiling, furniture, furnishings) are now finished, so it's time to start assembly.  I will glue everything in place, post photos, and then you can help me figure out what finishing touches are needed.

That's Gailtown's K-9 Unit on patrol.  Usually, she hangs out in front of the cycle shop.

Fr. D.'s Chapel - 26 - Windows Done!

It worked!  That "just get DOING" idea worked.  The windows got done.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

"Gailtowns" and "Marwens"

I saw this trailer on tv just now...
Here's the back-story, and it's a true one.
Maybe there are lots of "Gailtowns" out there, ranging from the modest little one on my dining room table to this spectacular parallel-life village in Mark's back yard.
I know that I'm often moved to little essays as I construct and enjoy Gailtown.  The metaphors, analogies, and similes (thank you, English Literature 101) just jump out at me every now and then.  As I'm working on the windows, I'm sure that it will happen again.   Often attributed to Shakespeare (but likely of more ancient origins), the saying that 'eyes are the windows to the soul" is a great starter for thinking about sincerity, transparency, honesty, communicativeness, outreach, compromise (and those things which ought not be compromised)…  
I'm going to see that movie!